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An elegant Blue Sapphire circular drop earring with linear cubic zirconia top on omega hook. The circle has a modern effect with the combination of differently shaped clawed gemstones. Also available in Rhodolite and Emerald.

Sapphire is associated with those born in September. It is one of the four most precious gemstones, including Diamond,?Emerald?and Ruby. The most popular?colour?is blue, although it may be found in a variety of?colours. Sapphire is a crystal of the heavens and is considered to bring good health and overall well-being. It is?said to?preserve?ones?innocence and through bringing out truth, will make one achieve light and love in your life. It is a crystal of royalty,?prophecy?and wisdom.?

Metal: Sterling Silver 92.5

Stone Size: A combination of brilliant, marquis and pear-shaped gemstones

Length: 48mm

Width: 30mm

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