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Hinged Moonstone Ovals

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Moonstone ovals, interlinked by decorative sturdy silver hinges & lobster clasp.

Moonstone is the third?birthsone?for those born in June. Moonstone may be found in an array of?colours, including white, blue, grey, pink, peach, green,?brown?or even?colourless. It has an opalescent luster. The Moonstone powers are strongly related to those of the Moon?itseld, focusing on love, fertility, good?fortune?and protection during dark times. It raises your vibration and uplifts your spirits, balancing and restoring balance?and stability. The Moonstone marks new beginnings, supporting inner strength and growth.???

Metal : Sterling Silver 92.5
Stone size : 8 x 6mm
Weight : 15,22 grams

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