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Tutti Frutti Marcasite

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A Marcasite bracelet with a variety of opaque gemstones, including red & green Agate, Turquoise , Lapis Lazuli & Mother-of-Pearl.

When compared to other gemstones, Agate crystals?radiate?a lower, more gentle frequency, making it ideal for those needing to slow down in life. Agate has soothing and stress relieving properties which help you to connect with the Earth?s energy by bringing harmony to your mind,?body?and spirit. It is?a very strong?protection stone, worn by warriors in ancient civilizations. Agates may be found in a variety of?colours. Green, red/brown, black and blue Lace Agate may be found at our store.?

Mother-of-Pearl?is considered to be?an alternative June birthstone. It is made of pearl oyster, and comes from both saltwater and freshwater mollusks. It is white to cream in?colour. This shell stone is valued as a symbol of selfless love and generosity. It is said to heighten intuition and purifies environments. It is a powerful stone for family, offering soothing and nurturing energy.?

This bracelet has a boxed Marcasite clasp.

Weight : 23,5 grams

Length : 19cm

Width : 13mm


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